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25 June 2013

Cherish Periwinkle

I know I don't use this blog that I've had forever but I think this is a better place to put this than over on the Black Rifle Project. As you may or may not know no matter where I live I will always refer to Jacksonville Florida home. Jacksonville is where my daughter Amber was born, and where she died a year later and is buried. Because I call Jacksonville home I keep up with the news as well as sports (Jaguars), the radio (WOKV) and the TV stations.
When I woke up this last Saturday morning my whole Facebook news feed was full of a story about a little girl named Cherish Periwinkle who was abducted from a Walmart on the northside on Friday night. Although the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) got the alert out, got the investigation started, and it only took about 10 hours before they caught the predator that took her. Unfortunately it was too late, he had already killed her and dumped her body.
It seems to me like the JSO did everything they could in this case, I really can't see what else they could have done. I see people attacking the mother constantly because they don't know exactly what happened, let me give you a hint though, she aint the one that killed Cherish. It seems that this guy waited, and would've waited longer if need be for his opportunity. I see people saying that laws need to be changed or the JSO is at fault for this predator being released early. That typically isn't the decision of the Sheriff's office. People need to get a little more informed and direct their anger where it belongs instead of just anyone.
I'm pretty sick of people forming their knee jerk judgments as soon as something happens instead of getting any facts about the incident. This is when opportunists jump on a situation and take away more and more of our rights to better the "collective". I ask the American people to please wake up, take a breath, and think before you react to everything that goes wrong in this world. I know it's hard when a beautiful little girl like Cherish is taken, and it always seems harder when it is someone who is beautiful, or has potential. (I know that's not a PC thing to say, but if you search inside yourself you know it's true.) that is taken. But, most people say something like "she's in a better place" or "no one can hurt her anymore", if you honestly have that belief then you should also think that death only really negatively affects the living. She can go on to her next life, without experiencing any of the crap that she would have to here, her living relatives won't get to see her anymore, but it isn't a bad thing for her, just those of us still alive.

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  1. Bushmaster73, can you contact me, I am the home owner of the tenant who's dog was abused by James Lee Lyons. We need tougher laws against these predators. I want to start a campaign to have tougher laws and need people to ban with me. WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR ANIMALS AND CHILDREN!!!!!! Tracy 912-484-4806